About Us

A Space That Inspires Creativity; Where Sound And Light Live Together In A Rare Perfection.Naad Production Offers You The Most Advanced Space For Your Sound Recording And Video-Shoot Requirements.

Home To Your Ideas

Naadproduction Boasts Of The Best Professional Minds Coming Together In Perfect Harmony To Help You Create Your Own Masterpieces. The Seasoned Eyes And Ears Of Our Team Ensure That Every Recording That Leaves The Studio Is Flawlessly Mastered And Is Of Impeccable Standards.

Recording Studio

We Have The Recording Studio You Need. Whether You’re A Solo Music Producer, A Full-Scale Band Or Even An Instrument Player.
We Also Cater For Small And Developing Artists, And Those With Private Projects. We Can Tailor Packages To Suit Your Needs.

Event Management

Naad Events Have Become A Household Name For Last Few Years, With Diverse Local And International Artists Naad Festival Is Our Regular Multi Artist Event With Both Established And Up And Coming Artists, In Partnership With Naad Foundation.


Punjabi songs

Videos playlists

  • Naad Festival 2014 – videos
  • Naad Festival 2013 – videos
  • Gagandeep Live In Concert Organized by NAAD Foundation – videos

Hindi and Urdu – Ghazals